Family photoshoot in Ciutadella Park and Port Vell, Barcelona

   It was a first photo shoot for this lovely family and I was so proud they trust me to be their photographer in Barcelona! :)
We spent an amazing time during the shooting and I think we got the best result that could be..

   We started in my beloved Ciutadella park, which is always appropriate and an amazing spot for any kind of photo shoots. I just can't get enough of that magnificent fountain, nature! I love that small lake with boats and the atmosphere itself, it's just so romantic and calm!
   Taking pictures of a family with a 2 years kid it's not the easiest thing, especially when the kid is full of energy))) It almost impossible to ask them to do something or at least to ask to not run away from the frame for 2 seconds)) But we were a great team and handled it, thank you guys for the cooperation ;)
   The second location for our photo shoot was in Port Vell. Oh, I love this place so much! Not only for taking pictures, but also for spending time. Of course, it's a very touristic place and normally there are a lot of people, but I think it's even coloring the picture :) For those clients who doesn't want such environment I also offer to start in early morning while it's not crowded and during the summer early morning starts at 6:30- 07 a.m., just to aware you))

  I think having such warm pictures with a sea and boats on the background brings you to that place immediately when you look at the pictures. It's the effect I want to achieve. I want my clients feel and remember those moments and smile every time they review them :)
  Enjoy this gallery, full of love and smiles :)