Svetlana Dubovenko

Based in Barcelona, Spain

Hello friend. Thanks for stopping by.

If you find yourself here, you likely resonate with my work. My photography is a combination of editorial/documentary style and I’d be happy to see if I’m the perfect fit for your shoot. Making the right choice of the photographer you work with will dramatically affect how you feel about the final result. 



A little more about my approach

I do things a bit differently. Take some time to read about my approach to help you make the best choice so we both say “WOW” at the result of your shoot.

I’m here to make you feel comfortable and create an easy-going atmosphere during the Photoshoot. I want to deliver you the most enjoyable experience with our time together. I don’t want you to think about how you look in the pictures too much - Just leave it to me ;)

My photoshoots are not your typical touristic shoots

One of my favourite activities in life is enchanting myself by the storytelling of iconic movies. And as we know we are what we consume. As such my photography is deeply inspired by the cinematic look.


My sessions are infused with everything reflective of a romantic movie scene from the setting, colors, angles to focus and directions, with you, of course, as the main character!


I’m not interested in just taking a few staged pictures in front of Sagrada Familia with no creativity. Even though I always pick a beautiful background that represents the city.


It’s about the real YOU and your moments of LIFE captured in an artistic way with the beautiful landscape of my favorite Barcelona city or surroundings. 


As my clients say, the pictures I took of them are far beyond what they expected and you can check some words of praise about their experience of working with me here.


Even though I do direct and help you to pose during the session, I always leave you the space to interact naturally and freely so we capture invaluable candid moments. 


Our journey starts here

 Choose your experience. You always can contact me with more details and we can talk to figure out the best coverage for you. I can customize any package to meet your needs.

I can’t wait to capture your day!




425 €

✓1 Hour Photoshoot


✓ 1/2 locations


✓ 30/40 Beautifully Edited & High-Res photos


Full guide with recommendations on the photo locations in Barcelona and useful tips for a photoshoot


✓Private Online Gallery


*Half package (30 min session, 1 location, 15 photos) -325 €


Iphone video 30 sec.-100 €

Fill out the form to inquire about the availability and feel free to ask me any question



595 € 

✓90 minutes Photoshoot


✓ Multiple locations


✓50/55 Beautifully Edited & High-Res photos


✓Full guide with recommendations on the photo locations in Barcelona and useful tips for a photoshoot


✓Private Online Gallery


Iphone video 30 sec.-100 €

Professional video - 390 €


Fill out the form to inquire about the availability and feel free to ask me any question



750 € 

✓2 hours Photoshoot


✓Multiple locations


✓ 60/70 Beautifully Edited & High-Res photos


✓Full guide with recommendations on the photo locations in Barcelona and useful tips for a photoshoot


✓Private Online Gallery


Extra hour-100 €

Iphone video 30 sec.-100 €

Professional video - 390 €

Fill out the form to inquire about the availability and feel free to ask me any question


  • Full guide with my recommendations on the best photo locations in Barcelona, outfits and time preferences.
  • Photos edited by color, light, contrast to make your photos look gorgeous
  • Private online gallery that you can easily share. + Instruction on how to download images from it in high/web resolution.
  • Quick delivery within 7 business days
What if I Don’t Know How to Pose?
Almost all of my clients come to the photoshoot not knowing how to pose. Don’t worry because I will help you with it. The only thing I need from you is to be in a good mood :)
Is There a Deposit for Booking a Photoshoot?
Yes. After we agree on the date for the photoshoot, I will send you my bank details. The deposit is 100 euros (not refundable if you cancel the photoshoot less than 7 days). The final payment should be done on a day of the session after the session. You can pay it by card, via bank transfer, or PayPal or cash.
What if there’s bad weather?
Barcelona has 300 annual days of sunshine. So, it’s very unlikely that the weather will be bad. Even if it rains, normally it doesn’t last long so after 30 of rain it can be sunny again. However, if it happens and we need to reschedule I’ll be happy to do so for the time/day that works for both of us!
Where Will We Take Photos?
I will send you the special guide after we agree on the date for the photoshoot .The guide includes my recommendations on: locations, the best time for the shoot, and the most suitable style of the clothes. Number of locations depends on the package you choose.
When Will I Get My Photos?
I will send you the link to the archive with photos within 7 business days after the shoot. You will be able to download all the photos in both a high resolution and in a screen resolution. The latter is suitable for publishing and sending to other people.

Delivery within 2 days- 100 € extra.
Do I Need to Have My Makeup Done Professionally?
It depends on you. My style is very natural and most of my clients don’t hire a professional to do their makeup. However, the guide I will send you to prepare for the photoshoot contains contact details of some good makeup artists I can recommend.
What Does the Editing Include?
You will get an archive with the best photos in my original retouch style. It includes color, light and contrast adjustments, and correcting visible temporary defects on your skin (blemishes, acne etc.).
If you have any concerns about something please let me know so I’ll be extra aware whileposing you.
All of my pictures are edited that way and I can make sure you will look beautiful as you are.

However, if you’d like me to correct your figure, fix your clothes, do a deeper retouch, etc. I can do so. The cost will be 10 euros per photo.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule my Photoshoot?
If you cancel the Photoshoot at least 7 days before I’ll make a full refund of the deposit. If else the deposit is not refundable. 
If you need to reschedule the session, please let me know at least in advance so we can find a date/time that works for both. The deposit will be transferred to a new date.
Can we arrange a surprise proposal photoshoot?
I’ve been lucky to capture many proposals and I know how to make the most wonderful photos. Contact me and I'll help you with everything.
Can you keep the privacy of my pictures?
Sure. If you want me to give you all the rights for the pictures and you don't want me to publish them there is an extra fee of 15% from the selected package.
Can I get all the photos from the session including the RAW files?
Each of my packages varies in how many images are delivered, but I promise I’ll always include plenty of images from the session. If I see I have more good pictures that I know that makes you happy I will edit and deliver them to you. You will have an options to buy extra photos from the selected package if you wish.

Regarding the RAW files this is an unfinished work and I don't deliver it. However, I can send you the selected pictures with only light correction without modifying the colors. I can make a selection of the good pictures and deliver them to you. Please let me know if you need it before the photoshoot.
What should we wear for photos?
I will send you my tips for clothing as well as other recommendations (transportation, Makeup&Hair artist contacts etc.) in a guide once our booking is confirmed.
Do you do discounts?
I’m a professional photographer with 10 years of experience and my prices are firm. 

Choosing an experienced photographer will guarantee you an amazing result rather than wasting time and money and feeling sad looking at the pictures after. 
You deserve to find the best photographer that will match all your needs including the budget but I’m probably not the best deal if you are looking for a cheapest one. 

I’m passionate about working with those who believe in the value of authentic photographs that will last a lifetime.