Surprise proposal in Barcelona!

Surprise proposal in Barcelona!
It was the most exciting and at the same time stressful photoshot ever!
We have arranged about everything with Adrian some weeks before the photoshoot

    All details had to be perfect as he decided to propose after 14 years of the relationship. Can you imagine how much I was excited to capture this moment and how much responsibility I had?
    Well, eventually some mints before we meet in the first location Adrian asked me if I can be hidden at the beginning as his girlfriend didn't know about even that they had a photoshoot and he wanted to surprise her even more (before we arranged to start shooting and in a second location when I choose the right light, positions etc. he would propose). I texted him that it was very risky, because I had to prepare the perfect frame and see the light. Once I sent this message I saw Adrian holding a box with the ring behind him, and he saw me too. And I realized I had no choice. I just immediately took my camera and started to shoot with shaking hands.


    Here you see those imagine moments that neither guys or me will never ever forget!!!


Congratulations to my beautiful couple :)