Couple photoshoot in Como Lake, Italy

 Finally, finally I did it and I can share with you the gallery from one of my dream locations to shoot and also visit! This time the photoshoot took place in a famous city in Lombardy, Italy. Bellagio also called the “Pearl of the Lake”and situated at the picturesque junction of all three legs of Lake Como.

I know, it's not the first time I say “My dream Photoshoot “, but what can I do if there are so many places and people that inspire me? :)
   The location you see on the pictures was ideal for a romantic couple photo shoot. We were walking on the lakeside with breathtaking views, bobbing boats, villages, tiny streets decorated with flowers and imagine how amazing it was covered by the soft gold sunset light!
  My clients, the Russian-Italian couple was so calm and romantic, they were laughing, kissing, hugging, making jokes and chilling out by the lake. Apart of it I loved so much how the color and the texture of the dress looked on lake background! (Girlish thing, hehe :)))
   It wasn't a wedding day, even a pre-wedding photoshoot. The guys just wanted to celebrate their two years  relationship in a significant place. And I think they did the right choice, no, the did the best choice!Bellagio has everything for spending amazing time not only for taking pictures, but enjoying the views, fresh air, godd restaurants. Well, it's already another story..)) I will come back one day for sure, there are many things to see still.
   Do I have more dream locations in my mind? For sure, I do. And I'm very excited to do the next.
By the way, there are no any digital photo in this gallery, I was shooting only film and I'm felling deeply in love with this type of photography after every photoshoot. Deeply in Love!