Wedding photo shoot in Barcelona (Park Güell, Gothic Quarter, Park Labirint, beach)

  It's been several months since this wedding photo shoot was taken, before I leaded my blog. Although I prefer to share my recent and latest work, I want to leave this story here and the gallery of photo that is one of my favorite..

    Isilay and Caner, a lovely couple from Turkey, contacted me two months before their visit to Barcelona and it they told me they are going to get married in Barcelona, as it was the city where their relationship started. They asked me to help with the locations and also mentioned that one of the places must be Park Güell, as it has a special meaning for them.
    I was super excited to capture their emotions when they come to the city that means so much to them and I offered to shoot in my favorite Labirint Park, also in an old part Gothic Quarter and the beach, apart from the Park Güell that they mentioned before. So, that was the plan for 3 hours and they were more than happy with my idea.
    I came to the hotel they were staying and preparing the bride, when they were about to finish and I took some backstage photos. From the first sight, from the first"Hello", we all felt that we gonna have fun for the next couple of hours :)
We did everything what we planned and this lovely were acting super natural and romantic during the whole photo shoot, they even started to dance in the middle of Cathedral square of Barcelona!
    Now you can see the result here, I really in love with every single picture!Also, I want to thank the makeup&hairstyle artist Eugenia for the amazing work as always and for her support, as she stayed with us during the whole photo shoot for helping.
    Right after we went for a glass of Sangria and Spanish tapas all together and two days after we went to the wedding of Isilay and Caner in a Turkish embassy of Barcelona. Till now, we are keeping in touch, texting each other and following in social media. I'm so happy to see their new married life and see their happy faces and smiles!
   Feeling so grateful for being able to meet such people and capture their truth emotions, that going to stay in their memories and photography albums forever..