Photographer's Personal Brand.Workbook

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My author workbook "Photographer's Personal Brand". A step by step plan to build a successful Personal Brand and increase income.

It contains a concentrate of the most valuable knowledge, personal experience and advice which can definitely help you become more successful, earn many times more income and join the ranks of professionals in your city.

You need this workbook if you are:

  • Just starting to take photos on a by-order basis and want to know hoe to build your brand.
  • Already an experienced photographer, but want to reach a new level.
This workbook has everything you need:
  • The ways to position yourself.
  • The ways to become notable among the many competitors.
  • The ways to develop your personality and professional career.
  • The workbook contains no fluff or theory, but only working,
  • proven, up-to-date tools.
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