Couple photoshoot in Port Vell and Labirint Park of Barcelona

Finally, after a crazy summer season (that ends in November in Barcelona))) I have time to post some of the most memorable photo shoots I did this year.

   You know, when you shoot in the same places 2-3 times per week, you get know it so good, that you know how to work regarding all the details, because you know the exact time when people start to come, the hour or better to say the minute where the light will be the best to shoot, etc.. After these adorable places become your "office" you can get boring of doing the same all the time and to lose creativity. So, when I realized that I decided to try to find in every single photo shoot something different, I always try to find different angle, asking my clients to express different emotions and use other tricks to keep inspired and to improve my work. My clients are also happy as they see me so exicted, and we create the best possible result that can be achieved.
    This time for a romantic love story shooting we went to the most popular locations to shoot within my clients, "Parc de Labirinto" and "Port Vell" of Barcelona. I already post some photo shoot from these locations, check them out here and here.
    What can I say, my clients are a young couple that just started their relationship and that was their first trip together and they wanted to capture those fresh emotions and feelings in this beautiful city. From the beginning Tatiana and Andrey told me that they trust me and want my directions and help, and I was absolutely happy to work with them.
    In post processing I used some unusual for me tecnics, and we all were happy how the pictures came out.
After I sent the photos to the clients I received a big letter from them with a huge amount of thanks to my work and the next day another one. After such feedback I fell I can do more and more and I feel so excited to improve my skills! Can't wait my new projects!